What Makes Our Translation Service is

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Adzpark offers various Translation Services for around the world. Our translation services includes automotive brochures translation, medical reports translation services, french translation for migration materials, trades presentation Hindi & Italian translation, construction web pages translation etc. Along with offering DTP translation services.

Our team is well versed with the latest technology being used in this area and work on the basis of clear-cut QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) objectives.

Language Translation
  • Translation
  • Content Writing
  • Dubbing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Localization
  • Multilingual E-Publishing Services
We Translate Typical Desktop Publishing Projects
  • Web pages
  • Brochures / pamphlets /Collateral
  • Business cards
  • Business / marketing plan
  • Catalogs
  • Display signs
  • Marketing documents
  • Newsletters / bulletins
  • Technical Specifications
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Resumes
  • Migration materials
  • Catalogs
  • Legal Translation
  • Patent Translation
  • Pharmaceutical Translation
  • and more, just ask us! We will Provide!
Our Language Translation Services Also Include

Adzpark is upcoming and startup translation and interpretation companies because we also provides Language Translation Services in:

  • Website Translation Services
  • Technical Translation Services
  • Commercial Translation Services
  • Certified Translation Services
  • Professional Interpretation Services
  • Indian Languages Translation
  • Spanish into English Translation
  • French into English Translation
  • Italian into English Translation
  • German into English Translation
  • Russian into English Translation
  • English into Hindi Translation
  • Japanese into English Translation
  • Portuguese into English Translation
  • English into Marathi Translation
  • Indonesian into English Translation
  • Korean into English Translation
  • Turkish into English Translation
  • Vietnamese into English Translation
  • Czech into English Translation

Multilingual DTP

Professional DTP Solutions For Any Size Project

With this specialized service Multi-Linguist offers you the complete turnkey project delivery. Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the process of combining text and graphics, using specific applications (Quark Express, Indesign, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Publisher, Pagemaker, Frontpage, etc.), to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc, in printable form.

Desktop publishing is quickly replacing the pre-press work done by compositors, typesetters, and page layout workers. As a result, you can reduce the costs, have better in-house control in terms of editing/updating the files, and send them straight for printing.

We, at AdzPark, offer high-quality Desk Top Publishing (DTP) service. With the support of state-of-the-art technology, you can have them as manuscript documents, or a soft copy of finished source files, Postscript, or PDF, within the committed time. We have an experienced team of graphic designers for DTP designing, scanning, typesetting.


For Foreign Language Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Multimedia projects, Multi-Linguist supports the following formats: (All of these softwares are applicable to PC and MAC outputs)

  • MS-Office Applications
  • MS-Publisher
  • MS-Frontpage
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign [English + ME (Middle East)]
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Quark Express
  • Corel Draw

can handle DTP for almost all languages of the world, whether they are in Latin or non-Latin script, whether it’s the standard left-to-right languages or right-to-left languages (such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Dari, etc.).

As well as translation services, the company is also involved in other related activities. Amongst these are services connected with the graphics preparation of translated documents for printing (DTP). These are:

  • Resolution of scanned text
  • Graphic layout (retouching, localization of pictures/graphs, vectoring)
  • Formatting of texts (insertions and paragraphing etc.)
  • Creation of graphics (pictures and graphs in documents)
  • Typesetting (technical, artistic)
  • Preparation for printing
  • Localization of fonts

Thanks to these activities, paper, scanned, even poor-quality source material can be accepted. Then a complete graphics for the document can be created, then the text is translated or a text is completely copy-written (depending on the client´s requirements), formatted all together and then the final form is prepared for printing.

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